Wallet Development

A software that allows you to earn and spend virtual currency is a cryptocurrency wallet. We provide custodial and non-custodial crypto wallet solutions and include an end-to-end solution.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Codexpro company is the most reputable in the field of decentralized finance. We have a lot of expertise to help you launch your crypto wallet development projects successfully. Our developers extensively discuss with you your requirements, they then come up with a feasible design to help them advance with your project. They include customized features to your project before performing thorough testing. After testing it, they now launch it in the market. We create secure, easy, and regulation-compliant crypto wallets using our development methodology. These crypto wallets come with flawless transaction capabilities and feature payment integration solutions.

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Our Value Added Solutions

We are the best crypto wallet development agency that provides mission-driven solutions to meet your demands. Let’s learn about our services below.

Web Wallet Development

We provide you with a crypto wallet solution with advanced features, an appealing interface, and multi-currency support. A web wallet is ideal for your users because it enables them to store, transfer and manage their assets.

DeFi Wallet Development

Give your customers complete control of their funds with our decentralized wallet. The wallet comes with a lot of ease of use and features institutional-grade security.

NFT Wallet Development

Our team of developers can help you create a world-class NFT wallet, allowing you to transfer and securely store several tokens.

Centralized Wallet Development

We can help you keep your user’s private keys secure with our centralized wallet. We help you give your users humble time to do their transactions, and we whitelist your centralized wallet addresses to ensure the transactions are legitimate.

Multi-currency Wallet Development

We can also provide you with a multi-currency wallet, which supports a spectrum of tokens and crypto coins. The multi-currency is ideal because it enables your users to store many crypto assets in one place.

Mobile Wallet Development

Our developers can create for you a mnemonics-based mobile wallet that supports both android and iOS platforms. Our mobile wallet is exceptional because it comes with market-leading features, which ensure a good user experience and enhanced security.

White Label Crypto Wallet Development

The crypto market has grown tremendously and is attracting new users daily. For that reason, many enterprises from all sectors have shown a lot of interest in embracing a token-driven blockchain platform. The urgency to launch early equals the millions of businesses interested in the digital world with a website.

Our developers have extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency wallet development. That’s why we have a white label solution in place to assist you in quickly launching your product. We provide you with an enterprise-grade security solution that is faster and has attracted millions of users, and has been successful all through.

No more Private Keys Required

Crypto finance faces the challenge of depending on the wallet keys. Many users lost access to their tokens because of losing their wallet key addresses. In addition, we have millions of unclaimed cryptocurrencies worth millions of money. At Codexpro, we address this issue through our keyless wallet solution that does not need private keys. We create a white label wallet for you that uses facial biometrics to verify the access control to the users.

The private keys are split into two secret mathematical shares created independently. The share is divided into two, whereby half is stored in the owner’s server, and the other remains on the user’s device in the form of biometrics. You need to have both of these shares to access the wallet. The users’ assets are always safe, even if something happens to one of the shares.

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Benefits of our White Label Crypto Wallet

Our white-label crypto wallet comes with multiple benefits for the users. They include

  • Speedy transactions
  • Easy cryptocurrencies management
  • It is market-ready
  • It can be used as a standalone app
  • Seamless linking to any crypto exchange
  • Most scalable and secure infrastructure
  • Has flawless performance on mobile and web
  • Both experienced, and novice crypto users can use easily
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Codexpro offers unmatched cryptocurrency wallet development solutions that can enable you to expand your business opportunities.

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We provide you with mission-driven cryptocurrency wallet development services tailored to your demands. Hire us and get the best experience.
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Why Should You Hire Us to Develop Cryptocurrency

You can rely on a team of seasoned developers with real-world experience creating success stories when you work with Codexpro.

Wallet Development?

You can rely on a team of seasoned developers with real-world experience creating success stories when you work with Codexpro.

Technical Skills

At Codexpro, we have highly skilled personnel that work on your crypto wallet solutions, and we have the technical skills to enable us to produce the best results.

Rapid Advancement

We believe in upward trends, which is why our services are growing in terms of popularity. We create crypto wallets that follow a well-defined roadmap.

Meaningful Results

Our company believes in giving the best results to our esteemed customers. We embark on one item and work to satisfy your business needs.

Deployment & Testing

Our specialized team subjects your project to internal testing before releasing it to you. Testing ensures that your project is bug-free and highly optimized.

Complete Assistance

Once we launch your cryptocurrency wallet, we don't stop there. Our team of developers goes further to assist you in realizing your business goals.


Below have answered FAQs about our cryptocurrency wallet development services. You can contact us for more information or when you want to inquire about something.
These crypto wallets split the wallet’s private keys using mathematical shares between the owner’s server and your device. To access the wallet, you need both halves of the equation.
You can enhance your cryptocurrency wallet’s security by integrating security features like two-factor authentication, multi-sig, biometric authentication, and many more.
What determines the cost of your crypto wallet is the number of features that you wish to integrate into your wallet. However, it is essential to note that developing a white-label wallet costs less and is faster than creating a custom wallet from scratch.
You can earn from your crypto wallet in so many ways. As a crypto owner, you can profit through staking, transaction fees, consultation fees, and launching a new token or coin.

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