Ethereum Token Development – Why Should You Hire an Ethereum Token Developer?

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Ethereum Token Development – Why Should You Hire an Ethereum Token Developer?

What Is Ethereum Token Development?

Ethereum is a popular blockchain and cryptocurrency system that is based on tokens. You can use these tokens for trading purposes in the blockchain market. Day by day, the popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing, and many digital business owners are now using cryptocurrencies for expanding their businesses or making more profits. Ethereum system is a blockchain based technology, and it will allow you to spend the cryptocurrencies in exchange for a small fee. In this article, we will briefly discuss Ethereum, Ethereum tokens, their uses, and Ethereum token development services.

What Is Ethereum?

Before you understand deeply about Ethereum Token Development, you need to know about cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is considered a virtual or digital currency, which is linked by cryptography. Cryptography makes it quite impossible to double-spend or counterfeit cryptocurrencies. Many cryptocurrencies are like decentralized networks and are based on the blockchain system, which is a distributed ledger. This system is enforced by a network of several computers.

The most amazing fact about cryptocurrencies is that they are not issued by central authorities, and this fact makes this system totally immune to the manipulation or interferences of the local government.

Ethereum is defined as a decentralized network of blockchain technology and is fueled by Ether tokens. So, Ether is a type of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and is used mainly in the Ethereum network for making transactions, earning interests, storing non-fungible tokens (NFTs), trading cryptocurrencies, playing games, and so on.

What Are the Functions of Ethereum?

Ethereum has achieved one of the greatest advantages, and one of them is decentralized finance. Decentralized apps can perform many important functions in the decentralized marketplace, and the popularity of these applications is increasing day by day. The increase in the use of decentralized apps will increase the use of the Ethereum network.

For instance, an artist can make thousands of dollars only by bringing their arts to the blockchain platform through non-fungible tokens. You may think why you have to buy a digital object when one can simply download it or take a screenshot. Well, in this case, the collectors only want ownership of that object. Non-fungible tokens hold strong evidence of ownership.

You will understand it when it is about the original version of “Mona Lisa” art. Anyone would like to have that original one instead of a copied version. Without the artworks, gaming accessories, items, video clips, and sport highlights can also be the NFTs.

Ethereum Token – ERC-20

ERC-20 is one of the most important tokens of the Ethereum blockchain. This token is utilized in all the smart contracts available on the Ethereum platform. Under some circumstances, the ERC-20 is similar to Litecoin, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies that have values on the blockchain system and can be used for trading. The main difference between ERC-20 and other cryptocurrencies is that ERC-20 tokens are provided only for the Ethereum network.

ERC-20 defines a list of common rules to which all the Ethereum tokens have to adhere. Some of these common rules include how one can transfer the tokens, how his transactions get approved, how users can get the data access, and the total supply of the tokens. Some of the popular Ethereum tokens are:

  • Augur (REP),
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT),
  • Maker (MKR),
  • OmiseGO (OMG),
  • Crypto Chain (CRO),
  • USD Coin (USDC),
  • TrueUSD (TUSD),
  • Chainlink (LINK),
  • Paxos Standard Token (PAX),
  • Holo (HOT),
  • Ox (ZRX),
  • Zilliqa (ZIL), etc.

This particular ERC-20 token empowers all the developers to predict how the upcoming and new tokens will be functioning within the Ethereum system. This process simplifies the whole task for the developers because they can easily proceed with their work by knowing that there is no need to redone a project when the system releases a new token.

Many digital currencies follow the standard of ERC-20, and it includes, REP, BAT, MKR, and OMG. If you are planning to purchase a digital currency, which is provided by Ethereum or issued as the ERC-20, you can get a wallet compatible with those tokens. Fortunately, as ERC-20 is a popular token, there are several alternate options available for the wallets.

ERC-20 Functions

ERC-20 is regarded as a guideline for building new tokens, and this guideline defines six compulsory functions that all smart contracts should follow and implement. For starting, you need to give your acquired token a symbol, and a name, and mention whether your token is dividable or not. You can do this by specifying the decimal. The set of compulsory functions specified by ERC-20 are –

  • Total Supply: It is a method that indicates the total supply of the tokens. When you reach the limit, your smart contracts will not produce new tokens.
  • Balance Of: This method returns the tokens that a wallet has.
  • Transfer: This method takes a particular number of tokens from the supply and provides it to the user.
  • Transfer From: A method of transferring method that is mainly used for transferring tokens among the users.
  • Approve: A method that verifies if a smart contract gets permission to distribute a limited number of tokens.
  • Allowance: This method is similar to the Approve method. The only difference is that the allowance method checks whether a user has sufficient tokens for sending to another user or not.

Ethereum Token Development

Ethereum token development is a remarkable blockchain network in the digital world with its flexible ecosystem that is valuable in the commercial market in the online platform. Any business organization (no matter how big or small) can apply to this network.

We are a leading agency for developing Ethereum tokens for expanding your business. You can consult our experts as we provide most of the Ethereum token development services. Our experienced ERC-20 token developer will create various blockchain applications for your platform.

Although the basics of developing ERC-20 tokens seem too easy, the process can be very troublesome without the help of an expert. For completing the entire process without any trouble, you must go for a professional Ethereum token developing team. Also, making strong bonding with an Ethereum developing organization will make your cryptocurrency business smoother, and you will be able to deal with almost all the complexities of building or deploying the ERC-20 tokens.

Ethereum Token Development Services

We provide six Ethereum token development services. You may go through our website to learn more about our performances and other services.

  • Cold storage

Our team provides an excellent cold storage service for the Ethereum coins in a secure environment. We will ensure your hardware security, and it will make sure that your tokens are safe.

  • Token creation

Our professionals utilize blockchain tech and offer both non-fungible and fungible tokens that are recyclable as well as sustainable.

  • Github source code

Developing Github source code is another token development service offered by our team. This is a computer-integrated coding, and our clients can use this open platform for doing different tasks.

  • Verify on Etherscan

We don’t stop offering our services after developing the tokens only. We carry out the next steps as well. We make sure that the tokens are validated on the Etherscan.

  • Token web wallet

Our developing team provides solid customized solutions for your token wallet services, which match the requirements of our clients.

  • Token transfer

Ethereum token development transfer services will help our customers to transfer the tokens quickly. They have decentralized and encrypted blockchain infrastructure. As a result, you can convert your ERC-20 token wallet to a dependable token standard.

Advantages of Building on Ethereum Platform?

Ethereum provides a flexible platform, where one can easily build decentralized apps by using solidity programming language and EVM (Ethereum virtual machine). The decentralized app developers get benefitted from the enriched system of tooling and the practices which have come up with mature protocols. The maturity extends to the excellent quality of the user-experience for the users of the Ethereum system, with many wallets, like Argent, MetaMask, Rainbow, etc. These wallets offer very straightforward interfaces via which one can interact easily with the Ethereum platform as well as the smart contracts, which are deployed there.

In addition to this, the large user base system of Ethereum allows the developing team to deploy the applications on this network, which strengthens the system as an important home for decentralized apps, such as NFTs and DeFi.

The developers are expecting that Ethereum 2 protocol, which is backward-compatible, may provide a more scalable network, where one can build decentralized apps with a higher transaction requirement.


To sum up, Ethereum token development is getting its popularity as a blockchain network because of its flexible ecosystems. ERC-20, an Ethereum token of the Ethereum blockchain, can be used in the network for trading purposes. For developing this token, you need to hire an expert Ethereum developing team because the entire process can be troublesome.

We are highly professional Ethereum token developers, and we offer unmatched services for developing Ethereum tokens for all types of businesses. Our experienced ERC-20 developer will build and administer various blockchain applications on the platform, and we are dedicated to offering updated services to aid the company in achieving its requirements.

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