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You require a reputable ICO development firm to help you design your (ERC20 based altcoin/token). They can also help in cryptocurrency wallet development and smart contract development, which investors can leverage your crypto. At CodexPro, we provide you with an initial coin offering bitcoin from our experienced ICO developers. We work for all sizes of businesses, from concept branding to programming and your online presence in the ICO market.

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Features of ICO initial coin offering and platform

Designing A Landing Page

You can only realize success in an ICO if you have a well-designed web page. Our team of developers lets you choose from various designs and layouts while giving you the necessary advice about your landing page’s information.

Customer Service at the ICO

Our experts can tackle all your questions at the initial stages of your product development. Should you have any questions concerning ICO software development, contact our highly skilled personnel to address them.

Public Relations and Marketing

Your initial coin offering needs to be backed with specific marketing activities and a strong PR for it to bear excellent results. At CodexPro, we comprise a team of multi-disciplined experts and offer a great customer experience.

Setup of Smart Contracts​ Technology

We provide you with secure and dependable smart contract development services that help automate various enterprises. Our experts work in other areas to provide customer loyalty, blockchain data storage, smart contracts, and reward systems.

Assistance with Exchange Listings

We offer you a cryptocurrency exchange listing service when we are done with your ICO development. You will list your cryptocurrency on both the merchant and exchange platforms. We have reputable programmers who create reliable and secure bitcoin exchange platforms.

Compliance, Risk, and Legal

Our ICO developers collaborate with prominent law firms to develop an ICO that complies with the recent regulations. Your token needs to have a correct governance structure, and that is what we are determined to do

Launch an ICO on Ethereum

Our ICO token development company specializes in ERC token development as well. Our team of experts passionately develops tokens on additional market-leading standards. Before recommending the best token standard for you, our developers analyze your business model first. ERC20 standard has gained popularity because it has more efficient transactions optimized account utilization. The speed and efficiency of transactions are unmatched. Hence, a smooth transaction is achieved even when there is much traffic.

Create Exclusive Website for ICO

Our experts have cutting-edge technical skills that help them develop an intuitive and user-friendly ICO website. Never should you trust an ICO that has got no plan at all. We at CodexPro come up with time-based roadmaps that highlight the product’s trajectory and secure stakeholders to the process of ICO development. You can easily navigate our ICO website and utilize the personalized functionality to satisfy your needs.

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Our dedicated and proficient engineers are always ready to offer you ICO consulting services. They have extensive knowledge in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency development services, which will help you create and launch your ICO efficiently. Our ICO developers will provide you with marketing, development, launch, and deployment solutions. Hire us today and get optimized services that will allow you to acquire a competitive edge in the industry while running a lucrative ICO
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Codexpro offers excellent ICO development services that are reliable and secure to help you grow your business opportunities.

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We are a dedicated ICO development company that offers mission-driven services to our esteemed customers in a professional way.
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Why Should You Hire Us to Develop ICO?

We are a reliable team of seasoned developers with a wealth of experience in ICO development services.

Technical Skills

Our company works with ICO development solutions. our developers have the technical skills, and once they start working on your project, they execute it very well

Team of Experts

Our developers are professionals of ICO development solutions. They can assist you in fine-tuning your product using the most appropriate technology. Sometimes they can help you in setting up campaigns and communities.

Rapid Advancement

We provide ICO tokens that suit your target market. Our team of experts comes up with a well-defined roadmap that ensures the development goes on quickly and smoothly.

Meaningful Results

We ensure that we become unique by ensuring that you get the results worth your investment. Our services are optimized and comply with the recent regulations of the countries in that they are generated and marketed.

Deployment & Testing

Our experts perform internal testing on your project to ensure that they analyze it thoroughly before giving you. We ensure that you get a bug-free and optimized project.

Complete Assistance

We provide you with additional post-delivery services after we have launched your product. We help you to focus on your business uninterrupted. Feel free to let us know in case of any technical problems.


Here are some frequently asked questions about our service. Please contact us if you require additional information or have any other inquiries.

Even if we provide the most competitive prices in the market, we don’t have a set price for a project since they are all unique. What determines the cost of our services is the size of your project and how complex your processes are.
Yes. We provide our clients with the necessary services to make your ICO successful. Since an ICO is a blockchain project, our developers tailor it to allow you to use a digital wallet, altcoin, smart contracts, and a trading platform. We can also create a website for you to advertise your ICO, and we make a white paper to allow you to persuade your investors.
While investing in an ICO, there is set initial coin legislation that you need to follow. This legislation depends on your current location, and experts recommend using a sec-regulated initial coin offering.
Your company needs an ICO because it is an excellent way of raising funding for a new business or initiative. Once your company has an ICO, you allow people to participate in your project through cryptocurrencies. In return, you will present them with your coin on white paper and your website. After acquiring your coin, they can decide to transact with it or wait for its value to rise to trade it on a cryptocurrency exchange and make a profit.

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