Real Estate Tokenization

We allow you to bring your real estate investment on the blockchain technology for the crowd to access.

Real Estate Tokenization Services

CodexPro has a team of professionals to help you create a legal and regulated property-backed security token. You can now give the token to your investors to either generate capital or liquidate your real estate.

We are a full-service marketing and blockchain development agency that helps businesses with asset-based token generation. We boast a team of experts that can handle the token creation process, technological development, auditing, and research. We can assist you in raising money using your real estate token, and we develop legal compliant tokens for various regions.

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Real Estate Tokenization Services

Offering of Security

We use blockchain technology to provide immutable ownership, a marketplace that supports faster transactions, and a full-time trading marketplace. You can digitize shares and bonds in real estate and host them for decentralized internet investment and trading.

Issuance of a Compliance Certificate

We provide a white-label software solution that issues security and management. Our smart contracts check to confirm whether the buyer and issuer are white-listed and make the required changes. The software also contains the investors against a full-proof verification system through the KYC process.

Real Estate Token Consultancy

Our team of experienced developers creates smart contracts and coins that are security-compliant. It makes real estate investment easier. Our end-to-end services include asset digitalization, investor white-list management, liquidity trading, and security token management.

Tokenization of Real Estate: A Strategy

The emergency of real estate tokenization has seen the real estate industry revolutionize. At CodexPro, we are the leading real estate solutions service providers because we offer legally compliant tokens. Thanks to our legal and financial consultants, that offer a wealth of expertise to help transform the real estate industry. When we are in the process of tokenizing your assets, our experts provide taxes, accounting, crowdfunding, among other services.

The Future of Real Estate Tokenization

Real estate tokenization is the most profitable use of blockchain technology because many potential investors embrace it. It has many advantages like immutability, transparency and security.

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The Scope of Real Estate Investment Tokens

We are determined to offer you a legally valid token structure that can be constructed on multiple blockchains. Our real estate developers will passionately help you raise funds inside the legal environment with our token structure.
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Why Choose Us

Why Should You Hire Us to Develop Real Estate Tokenization?

Our team comprises seasoned developers who have real-world experience with real estate tokenization.

Technical Skills

Our technical skills enable us to efficiently work on real estate tokenization development solutions. Once you hire us, we will offer you the best services from highly skilled personnel.

Team of Experts

We boast several professionals with incredible expertise to help you fine-tune your product with the best technology. Our services are timely and are tailored to meet individual demands.

Rapid Advancement

Our service providers ensure that the items they create for you suit your target market to increase your business returns. The development runs smoothly and quickly because we develop a well-defined roadmap.

Meaningful Results

When we start working on your real Estate token development, we ensure that you get the best out of your investment. We are always determined to support your business to be successful through our sophisticated asset tokenization platform.

Deployment & Testing

We have quality analysts that perform internal testing on your project to ensure that you get an utterly optimized solution.

Complete Assistance

At CodexPro, we provide our clients with complete assistance during and after service delivery. We allow you to maximize profit while paying attention to your business.


Let’s look at the frequently asked questions from our clientele. Feel free to contact us when you are seeking additional information.

The tokenization of real estate turns asset value into tokens, which you may sell to the investors. Each token is created to represent a fundamental asset. You can tokenize your real estate property by hiring a company like CodexPro. we will help you tokenize them safely
It is a real asset tokenized using blockchain technology to become a token. The tokenization process tamper-proofs the asset but preserves the ownership safely.
The best way to tokenize your real estate asset is by hiring a reputable service provider like us. We safely tokenize your assets and make arrangements after that.
We cannot determine the entire cost of tokenizing your real estate unless we consider elements like setups and integrations. However, when you hire us to tokenize your real estate assets, you will save a lot of time and money because we are a reputable company.

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