Local Bitcoin Clone

You can use your local bitcoin trading website to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The website allows you to use fiat currency to buy digital currencies.

Local Bitcoin Clone Services

The reason why people are advocating for decentralization on exchanges is that centralized ones are time-consuming and slow. That is why you need a method to decentralize this trading process. CodexPro offers a local Bitcoins clone solution, a P2P exchange where you can transact your cryptocurrencies and pay using any method. We can help you develop a similar trading platform like local Bitcoins to sell and purchase bitcoin through P2P transactions.

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Local Bitcoin Clone: Trading made easy

Wallet Creation

We create a bitcoin wallet, which enables you to carry out simple escrow and transactions between buyers and sellers.


We provide our clients with top-notch security solutions. Our developers include a two-factor authentication to benefit all buyers and sellers in the trading market.

Multiple Coin Support

We allow multiple cryptocurrencies to be transacted and escrowed on the market without any inconveniences.

Pros of trading on Local Bitcoins

Trading on local bitcoins has multiple benefits. Let’s highlight them below.

  • A faster way of trading bitcoin
  • Includes escrow protection for safer trading
  • Its pricing system is updated
  • A peer-to-peer trading platform
  • Trusted background check of trading of customers
  • Automated trading

The process involved in Local Bitcoins

You start by creating an ad “Selling Bitcoins.” Give the payment method details that the seller uses to complete the transaction and include the pricing terms for your cryptocurrency. Once all this is set in place, you can now open the trade requests and check those that have been initiated through your ad to enable you to fund your local Bitcoins clone wallet with crypto. After a buyer has sent a trade request, the seller’s wallet is emptied, and the cryptocurrency is transferred to escrow. After the payments have been reflected in the seller’s account, he releases the digital currency to the buyer’s wallet.

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Local Bitcoins Clone Script Development

Try and create a trading platform that includes all features. Like the Local Bitcoins, the clone script for local bitcoin is custom-built, and it does not involve any development because it is a pre-developed exchange platform. All it needs is a simple modification process, and you are good to go.
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We provide unmatched local bitcoin clone services that are mission-driven, and we can help you get the best out of your investment.
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Why Should You Hire Us to Develop Local Bitcoin Clone?

We are an agency that boasts a team of experienced personnel to help you create success stories. Other reasons why you should consider us include;

Technical Skills

Our team of experts works with Local Bitcoin Clone solutions passionately, and this is because they are full of the required technical skills.

Team of Experts

Our company has professionals that can assist you in building the best Local Bitcoin Clone platform with appropriate technology. We can go ahead and set up campaigns and communities for you.

Rapid Advancement

We are a reputable company that creates items that suit your target market. We have a well-defined roadmap that ensures your business grows tremendously.

Meaningful Results

Once you hire us, expect nothing but the best services to bear the best results. Our developers are determined to see your business achieve the best results.

Deployment & Testing

We have specialists who take your project through internal testing before releasing it to you. We ensure that your local bitcoin clone platform is optimized and bug-free.

Complete Assistance

We don't stop immediately we launch your product, and our experts are always available to offer you post-delivery services. This helps you to concentrate on how better your business should be.


Below are the frequently asked questions about our local bitcoin clone services from our clientele. You can contact us anytime you need additional information or when you want to inquire about our services.
A LocalBitcoins clone script is a P2P cryptocurrency platform where buyers and sellers can transact directly. LocalBitcoins clone script allows users to list buy and sell orders for their preferred cryptocurrency.
Our LocalBitcoin clone script bears multiple advanced features like OTC trading, dispute resolutions, margin trading, online/offline bitcoin trading, escrow wallet, etc.
Our developers are aware of the latest security upgrades. They are always aware of code optimization, IP filtering, server logs checking, load balancing, auto back up of data, etc. All these are the security measures that our cryptocurrency exchange platform must have
We provide you with reliable LocalBitcoins clone script solutions with bug-free, robust, and attractive UI/UX design. The advanced platform matches engine with 20,000 TPS, 50,000 transactions per second. We also develop LocalBitcoin clone scripts that can handle up to 10 million users.

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