Non-fungible Token Development for Transforming Your Business

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Non-fungible Token Development for Transforming Your Business


You may have heard of selling a digital artwork, video clip, a photo, or any digital assets for a huge price. This is called a digital investment craze and has exploded over the past few years. These digital assets are called Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Blockchain technology allows the owner to create a unique signature, which ensures the authenticity of the work. Due to the potentiality of earning a big amount of money, many organizations are now looking forward to consulting NFT development-related services to earn from the NFT marketplaces. In this article, we will briefly discuss the basics about NFT, its development, why an individual should think about this business, and a few services.

What is Non-fungible Token?

Before directly discussing the NFTs, we want to make the idea clearer by giving you an example. Suppose you own a USD, and you want to change this currency with another one.

What will be the value?

You will have the same value even after exchanging. This is because those currencies are fungible.

Non-fungible tokens are not like these currencies because you will not receive the same value after trading. For instance, suppose you have a digital art, which has a unique price. Now you want to exchange it with a video clip, an audio, or any digital asset. Remember that you may exchange the assets, but you are not going to get the exchangeable item at the same value of your digital art. This is what non-fungible tokens are.

Non-fungible token (NFT) is considered a non-interchangeable data, which is stored in the blockchain market for trading. The NFT data can be any digital assets or files, including photos, audios, games, and even video clips. These files are called tokens, which can be identified uniquely. These tokens can be sold or traded on the NFT digital markets

The functions of NFTs are similar to cryptographic tokens, however, you cannot interchange the tokens like other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. Every NFT represents a unique asset and has a different value, while all Bitcoins have the same value. The transaction process of NFT trading ensures the traders an authentication of every digital data by providing a unique digital signature so that one can track the ownership.

Which Objects Can Be Non-Fungible Tokens?

Although many blockchains support the non-fungible tokens, these are held mainly on Ethereum blockchain. These tokens can either be created manually or minted from any digital object. These include –

  • Artwork
  • Collectibles
  • Designs
  • GIFs
  • Music
  • Sport highlights
  • Video clip or video-game skins
  • Virtual avatars

Even tweets can be counted as an NFT. Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, sold his first tweet has a non-fungible token for over 2.9 million USD.

Remember that an NFT should be a digital object, which can be similar to a physical collector, such as the oil painting that many people have in their living room, but it should be a digital file.

If you are thinking about the ownership, don’t worry because there will be only one owner for the NFTs, and the unique data of these tokens will make it very easy for the owners to verify the ownership. Moreover, the owners can also store information inside the data, such as their signatures.

Uses of NFTs in the Digital World

NFTs and blockchain technology provides the content creators and artists with an opportunity, which allows them to monetize their wares. For instance, artists don’t have to depend on auction houses or galleries to sell arts. Now, they can sell their creations directly to the clients as a digital object or NFT. Besides, the artists can also program royalties. As a result, they will get a specific percentage of sales when the art is purchased by a new owner. Remember that art is just an example. You can make money using GIFs, video clips, gaming character skins, collectibles, unique memories, etc.

Why Can Non-fungible Tokens Be So Powerful?

NFTs held the power to restructure the way people share and create either intangible or tangible assets. Anyone can get the NFT rewards by tokenizing the signature assets with an access to the lucrative and one of the most prestigious Decentralized Finance (DeFi) markets.

Do you know what Decentralized Finance is?

Well, it is an emerging technology in the field of finance. The technology is based on the distributed ledgers that are like those utilized by cryptocurrencies. This DeFi technology removes the involvement of any third parties during transactions.

There are four different aspects that make these non-fungible tokens extremely powerful.

  1. These tokens are scarce, which makes them precious

Each token has its unique specifications and attributes that make this token unique, unchangeable, and rare. Additionally, an NFT also has secured information with an evidence of authenticity.

  1. Non-fungible tokens are indestructible and transferred easily.

There are specific protocol specifications that drive these tokens. Hence, it prevents the distribution in multiple different pieces until the owner fractionalizes his token. Furthermore, a user can purchase and transfer an NFT on the market using peer to peer transactions.

  1. NFTs are irreversible and safe.

Due to the decentralized tamper-proof system, which is based on the blockchain technology, these tokens cannot be counterfeited. Additionally, the Smart Contracts enable the tracking of every transaction.

  1. Data is private and can be verified.

Purchasers of NFTs cannot update the information of past ownership and its data. Also, the verification process doesn’t need any authentication from third-parties as one can access the historical details of that digital file.

How Can You Buy NFTs and Find a Marketplace for Selling?

If you are interested in starting an NFT collection, you will have to acquire a few key items.

First of all, you must get a wallet (digital), which will allow you to preserve cryptocurrencies and NFTs. For doing this, you need to buy some cryptocurrencies, such as Ether, but it will depend on the currencies that the NFT market will accept. You may easily buy the cryptocurrency using credit cards.

Once you have a unique digital object, and you want to sell it in an NFT market, then choosing the NFT marketplaces will be the most important thing. A right marketplace can determine whether an owner can sell his object with a decent profit or not. Also, it is not only about the money, you have to consider a few other properties of an NFT market before taking a step. In this section, we will mention the best three NFT marketplaces.

  1. OpenSea – A well-established NFT market

NFT type: Art, collectibles, music, photography, sports, virtual memories or worlds, etc.

Blockchain: Ethereum, Klatyn, and Polygon.


  • covers almost all NFT types
  • accepts more than 150 cryptocurrencies
  • has added polygon blockchain


  • Ethereum has high carbon and gas fees.
  1. Nifty Gateway – An NFT marketplace with large drops

NFT type: Digital artwork, curated and verified drops

Blockchain: Ethereum, Gemini


  • Fiat currency can be used for buying.
  • One can make use of the limited Open Editions.


  • Celebrity NFTs dominate in this market.
  1. Rarible – An NFT market for rare sports highlights and media collections

NFT type: Artwork, games, photography

Blockchain: Flow, Ethereum, and Tezos


  • Any of the three blockchains can be chosen.
  • Community-owned.
  • Offers low gas and carbon fees.


  • Big brands often dominate here.

What Is NFT Development?

Non-fungible token (NFT) development is becoming very popular because of its potentiality to transform a whole industry. The popularity of NFT app development is increasing because the NFT market is expanding very fast in the art world. In addition to this, the platform is getting its momentum to be the very first step in this revolution of blockchain technology. Hence, an NFT business can be the backbone of any industry.

Due to the manifold functions of NFT development, many organizations are looking for different NFT development-related services to gain advantages from the NFT market. Moreover, many business experts state that the NFT marketplaces will not fall down, and that’s why many traders are investing in developing NFT apps. Developing an NFT may seem like a risk in the beginning, but it can be a real game-changer because of the profits one may achieve.

Multiverse NFT Platform

Multiverse NFTs are the advanced forms of NFTs because they are more than simple digital collectibles. The attributes of multiverse NFTs are greater than the basic NFTs, and hence, their superpower lies in their decentralized nature.

The multiverse NFT platform allows the creators to share their objects across different decentralized apps (dApps) and connect with different utility providers. The aim of this platform is to connect creators, brands, and dApps via cross-usable NFTs. The platform can also include several types of files that can be interconnected and managed. These assets can be –

NFTs: These are unique objects on the blockchain and represent the ownership of those objects.

Utility: It is digital content, which can be accessed with NFT, characters in a game, or unique items. It can also be a discount or voucher.

Resources: These represent the data, which is required to recreate digital content. For example, video games. The utility in this case is the access to a specific item, while the resource is related to the 3D model that was used to build it.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) Exchange

P2P exchange is a kind of decentralized exchange of NFTs. This NFT development service lets the users trade with other traders directly. You will have a blockchain-based platform that is needed to run it. In short, the P2P exchange allows the traders to send the cryptocurrencies from one account to another account without involving any third parties.

There are several benefits you may get in this service –

  • The P2P crypto exchange provides a wide variety of trading options, and traders can easily convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency.
  • Users of P2P crypto exchanges don’t have to undergo the KYC verification process, and without this verification, the traders can easily start trading the objects.
  • Unlike the centralized cryptosystems, P2P crypto exchanges don’t impose any withdrawal or transaction fees. Additionally, there are no limitations on exchanging crypto coins.

What Are NFT Lending Platforms?


NFT loans are usually offered by decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. These platforms allow the NFT owners to lease the collections or objects in exchange for the currencies. Many NFT objects remain in the liquid condition in the marketplace, and many DeFi projects have found a need to improve this liquid condition by lending.

Many platforms, which support the NFT loans, allow the owners to borrow their required funds and set some terms. These borrowers can also expect to receive an amount of around 50% of the total value of that digital object with an interest rate of 20-80%. This rate depends on the demand and popularity of that object.

Compared to the conventional lending organizations, the DeFi protocols are very fast, simple, and transparent, which actually beautifies this process. In this lending platform, no borrowers have to go through any centralized authorities for checking the score and for verification. The DeFi uses smart contracts and provides the users with full control over the funds.

NFT for Games

For gamers, the loot-boxes are one of the most attractive things. Most of the cases, online gamers buy random boxes in exchange for cash, but consequently, the items are so frustrating. NFT gaming platform has become a fantastic trend in the NFT world, and online gamers have already acknowledged the enormous amount of gifts and items they receive from the NFT.

NFT gaming platforms are now adding more value because one can unlock new characters with new skins and designs. In short, the gamers can easily put their values in the game. Additionally, NFT has given the power to the players because they can now sell their items and earn a good percentage of gifts from future re-sales. Moreover, play-to-earn games can open a new path for many young gamers, who want to earn money from online gaming.


There are several NFT development service providers, and among them, we are one of the most reputed and well-known teams. You can get many NFT services from us, including developing an NFT marketplace, multiverse platform, NFT lending platform, NFT gaming platform, and P2P exchange. These services can boost your organization and profits. If you ever feel interested in any of these services, please let us know. We will help you transform your business.

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